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Self Supporting type LD/200-RAC closed without joint gap

  • Fast installation
  • Quick maintenance each strip can be removed only with one hand
  • Corridors
  • Restrooms
  • Small rooms
  • Lift elevators
  • Self supporting without any hangers or carriers only lay-in on wall angles perimetrical frames
  • Maximum self supporting mm.3300 without carriers


False ceilings system composed with self supporting linear strips Type METALSCREEN "LD/200-RAC SELF SUPPORTING" height mm.29 closed without joint gap width mm.200 (width and colour choosed by the consultant) aluminium prepainted thickness mm.0,6. The Type METALSCREEN "LD/200-RAC SELF SUPPORTING" strips will be installed lay-on the perimetrical wall angle frames “L” section Art. RA with connection joint. The strips must be height mm.29 and with the renforced bevelled edges to obtain a perfect complanarity of the final result of the ceilings. To obtain the best soundproofing result the Type METALSCREEN "LD/200-RAC SELF SUPPORTING" strips must be perforated with holes diameter Ø mm.3 or Ø mm.2 on the total surface with acoustical “TNT” non vowen textile thermal applied on the back of each strip.

Self support ceilings system:

The Self-Support ceiling systems are both beautifully simple and functional. They require no suspension other than the edge trims at the walls on which they lay. Ideal system for small areas: corridors, pathways, toilets, services, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and areas where the soffit is low and services light fittings, air-conditioning and ventilation grills as well as fire fighting systems are required. The Self-Support width mm.200-300 manufactures of prepainted aluminum or galvanized steel with thickness mm.0,5-0,6-0.7. The lengths are customized asper customer require. The self supporting system can be supplied both plain and perforated holes mm.2 - mm.3 with TNT acoustic soundproof nonwoven black fleece.