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False ceilings system composed with linear strips Type METALSCREEN "LT CLOSED GAP" width mm.100 closed gap (thickness and colour choosed by the consultant) aluminium prepainted thickness mm.0,5-0,6. The Type METALSCREEN "LT CLOSED GAP" strips will be installed on supporting main carrier Art. 63 galvanized hot dipped steel or painted black thickness mm.0,6 and suspended with rigid steel galvanized hangers Art. 100 with metal snap suspension Art. 23/D, finished with perimetrical wall angle frames “L” section Art. RA with connection joint. To obtain the best soundproofing result the Type METALSCREEN "LT CLOSED GAP" strips must be perforated with holes diameter Ø mm.3 or Ø mm.2 on the total surface with acoustical “TNT” non vowen textile thermal applied on the back of each strip.