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False suspended ceilings system composed of prepainted aluminium corrosionproof and washable Type METALSCREEN “Q6060 CLIP-IN” concealed with sharp closed joints, mm.600x600 thickness mm.0,5-0,6-0,7 (the colour and the thickness will be choose by the consultants). Must be washable corrosionproof complete reaction fire class "0" Euroclass A1 complete of CE European Test Approval EN 13964:2007, declaration of salt corrosion resistance and materials without plumb and chrome, upon request the panels can be manufactured with aluminium treatment germoproof protect bactericyde of the paint. The Type METALSCREEN “Q6060 CLIP-IN” panels, must be installed on “TWIN CLIP CONCEALED SUSPENSION SYSTEM” composed of: main supporting runner Art. RM136 mm.24xH38 galvanized hot dipped steel with aluminium prepainted capping corrosionproof washable colour white clip-in with Art. TWIN CLIP metal snap directly to the panel. To obtain the dust proof protection of powder the installator will apply on the concealed corners and adesive polyester protection meantime install the panels. The “TWIN CLIP CONCEALED SUSPENSION SYSTEM” its composed without use other kind of parts without screws, brackets or make holes. It is only suspended with hanging rigid wire Ø mm.4 Art. 100 with metal adjustment double snap Art. 23/D, perimetrical wall angles "L" section Art. RA mm.24x24 with connector joint prepainted aluminium of same colour of the Type METALSCREEN “Q6060 CLIP-IN” panels.


Suspension concealed system on TWIN LOCK main runner fireproof main runner T mm.24xh38x3600 with slots for hangers with metal snap adjustment type TWIN CLIP clip-in concealed panels systems mm.600x600 type Q6060 CLIP-IN


  • Elimination and removal from the oldest system of the cheap low quality steel pipes, corrosive, not fireproof, curved and without CE European Test Certification, very difficult to be complanarity and needfull of coupling joint connectors, difficult to purchase in the market. Expensive installation.
  • Substitutive replace with the newest "TWIN CLIP" concealed system with rigid main runner fireproof T section mm. 24xH38x3600 with corrosionproof capping and slots for suspension hangers and click connection without any connector coupling joints and with metal adjustment snap type "TWIN CLIP" to clip directly on the Q6060 panels.
  • Perfect complanarity, easy and fast installation.
  • Easy to remove - Low cost of installations.

The panels mm.600x600 clip-in concealed system are suspended from a metal adjustment snap type "TWIN CLIP" clip on the main supporting runner fireproof T section mm.24xH38x3600 with aluminium prepainted capping corrosioproof complete of punching slots for suspension hangers each mm.600. The "TWIN CLIP" concealed suspension system warrant the perfect and quick installation alternatives of the old very difficult system of the steel pipes.