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Strip Ceiling MLX-B System


False ceiling composed of strip MLXB ceiling, made of aluminium 0.5mm, 0.6mm & 0.7mm thickness or Steel (Thickness as per the Engineers request).Open gap 15mm wide between two panels. But also available internal closure section to close between the panels in lacquered aluminium brilliant colours on request.

The maximum length is 6mtr. or as per the client choice. These strips can be fixed in curved areas with flexible carrier. The standard colour is white or as per our colour table or among RAL codes.

The strip panels can be supplied both plain and perforated (Hole Dia: 1.8 / 2.5 / 3mm).

Rock wool backing can be placed on top of the perforated panels to achieve a high coefficient of absorption.

Suspension for Strip Ceiling MLX-B system:

  • Carrier
  • Edge cover
  • Wire rod 3mm
  • Adjustment clips
  • Primary channel
  • Primary channel bracket
  • Flexible carrier
  • Closure strip

Suspension Technical specifications

Wire hanger

Zinc coated carbon-steel wire ASTM A641 /A641M, Class 1 zinc coating, Soft temper. Rec­ommended diameter 3mm so its stress at 3 tines the hanger design load (ASTM C635, Table 1 Direct Hung) will be less that yield stress of wire.

Adjustment clips

Strips are manufactured from carbon steel strip of ASTM SE 1070 and zinc plated to ASTM B 633-98.

Coupling clips

Manufactured from galvanized mild steel strip to ASTM LFQA527.

Rock wool

Rock Wool Backing can be placed on top of the perforated panels to achieve a high coefficient of absorption (refer to perforated system section for different designated shape). These Metal Ceilings are classi­fied non combustible fire proof class 0, aseptic, humidity - proof, bacterium - proof, corrosion - proof, not dangerous for the health.


Main Runner member were tested according to ASTM C 635 - 97 for load-carrying capabilities and didn't exceed the maximum allowable deflection equal 1/360 of its span.


Steel hot-dip galvanized, between Z180 & Z 220
ASTM A366-A366 M

Galvanized :

ASTM A366-A366 M
BS EN 10143: 1993

Fire rating :

Suspension system member are tested for fire performance in compliance with ASTM-E119. Classified "0".

Technical Specifications

Edge detail

Squared or beveled

Black felt

A black felt is applied to the back of every single perforated panel. The black f supplied already fixed to the panel. The black felt has extremely powerful noise absorption f erties, doesn't release noxious fibers into the air and doesn't decompose over time.

Thermal Insulating

Thermal insulation can be achieved with the application of absorbing pads or insulating materials which can be selected on the market for the specific applications.

Fire performance & hygiene

These Metal Ceilings are classified non combustible fire proof class 0, aseptic, hun - proof, bacterium - proof, corrosion - proof, not dangerous for the health. The coating ii subject to any toxicological classification or identification requirements.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

Tested as per ASTM E 795 and the result was over 90% for standard white plain tile over 80% for standard white perforated tile.

Light Reflection Coefficient (LR)

The brighter the color, the more light it reflects, standard ceiling finished in white 9003 or RAL 9010 was Tested and the result was over 85% for plain panels and over 75( perforated panels. Measured in accordance with ASTM 1477 - 98.


Metal LX panels with a degree of gloss upto 22%. can be provided opon request.

Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC)

Tested and proved over 45 %.

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